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TEDx Talk on Sabbaticals Sends Misguided, Dangerous Message

I love TED talks and TEDx too. Don’t you? Still, you should not believe everything you hear. Todd Babiak is co-founder of Story Engine, a start-up that uses story-based strategies to make organizations and leaders better: more focused, more cohesive, more influential, more human. I enjoyed his June 2011 TEDx talk, “Tell Me a Story” […]

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Why a Sabbatical on Your Resume Makes You More Desirable - Plus Tips for Negotiating One

Marlo Gaal, who hires employees as corporate HR director for Hyatt Hotels Corporation, says a sabbatical on a resume has the potential to make a candidate more interesting. “It’s an upside [for a candidate] because I appreciate the diversity,” Gaal says, in a US News & World Report article this week. “To me, [what you […]

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Matt Koenig’s Big Decision: Four Months or One Year for His Family’s Sabbatical?

Matt Koenig of 1 Year Sabbatical might have a few sleepless nights ahead of him. A few weeks ago, after working through Negotiating Your Sabbatical: The Ultimate Toolkit for Writing and Presenting a Killer Sabbatical Proposal Your Boss Can’t Refuse, Matt presented his sabbatical proposal to his boss. She understood Matt’s desire to live with […]

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Stand-Out Sabbatical Applications: Key Factors for Success

As more and more organizations investigate the best design for sabbatical programs, the sabbatical-by-application option could be the design that stands out. Already used in many universities, the by-application program means you will be in competition with your peers for the number of sabbatical slots available.  In a competition for a sabbatical, how can you […]

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The Question at Meetup’s Sabbatical Send-Off Party: “What Would Brendan Do?”

Meetup’s first sabbatical-goer, Brendan McGovern, the company’s CFO, departed last month for his three month, fully paid sabbatical - an opportunity offered to all Meetup employees after every seven years of employment (who wouldn’t want to work at that company, huh?). Brendan didn’t leave without a proper send-off from his team members, who gave him […]

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Google’s Response to its Brain Drain. And What Will Your Employer Do?

Last week’s news about Google fighting off Facebook and other fast-growing internet firms in the war for talent is a glimpse into the future as well as a substantial morale lift if you’re feeling stuck or looking for a brighter future. Now hear this! You really can get a job somewhere else - if not […]

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When Love for Your Career is Dying

Often the best outcome of the sabbatical experience is returning to your job uplifted, energized and recommitted.  At the core of this payoff is re-discovering true passion.  For it is passion that fuels creativity and energy, propelling us forward with a sense of purpose and self-identity. Admitting we have lost passion for our work isn’t […]

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What Can You Buy That Will Make You Long-Term Happy? Here You Go.

A raft of new research suggests spending money on an experience will make you happier than those new shoes or a Borsalino Super Fino Montecristi Men’s Fedora ($950). “We’re moving from a conspicuous consumption – which is ‘buy without regard’ – to a ‘calculated consumption,’” says Marshal Cohen, an analyst at the NPD Group, a […]

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More Workers Quit Jobs When Career Break Is Smarter Move

The number of workers who voluntarily quit a job surpassed the number who were laid off or discharged in February 2009, according to the the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Before February, the BLS had recorded more layoffs than resignations for 15 straight months.  That’s not a surprising turn of events. In fact, it may be […]

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