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If you’re trying to energize and engage your workforce and boost productivity, then know this: TIME is the new currency. Got a strategy? We can help.

About yS

yourSABBATICAL partners with businesses to implement customized sabbatical programs that attract, retain, and accelerate top talent through personal and professional enrichment. The company was recognized with a “Moving into the Future” award from The Conference Board for its leadership and innovation in responding to the changing needs of the workforce, workplace, and community in ways that yield positive impacts for multiple stakeholders.

How We Began

Barbara and Elizabeth Pagano became fierce advocates for the sabbatical movement after experiencing their own six-month sabbatical, during which they sailed alone for 2,000 miles on a 43-foot sloop-rigged Beneteau named “Revival”. READ STORY.

What Workplaces with Sabbatical Strategies Say:

In an era where young professionals will change jobs every one-and-a-half years before age 35 (and every three years after), sabbaticals programs present a logical way to hang on to talent.
It’s the biggest training platform we have. - Tamara Markham, Director of Operations of Hotel Equities
Diversifying employees’ exposure to the whole enterprise (while they cover the work of someone on sabbatical) is the reward. We identify high potentials and invest in them … sabbaticals have to be a key element of that. – David Meek, CFO, AstenJohnson
One of the outputs of our sabbatical program is that it allows other people to take on roles and learning opportunities through covering someone else’s work while that person is away. – Susie Rawlings, Senior Benefits Consultant, American Century Investments
[We believe] sabbaticals will help them retain women, who tend to have more family responsibilities than men, and lure Generation Y men and women recruits who want to work hard, but don’t want work to be their life. – Sharon Klun, Director of Work/Life Initiatives, Accenture
Intel is about technological breakthroughs. To be successful, we need people who are continually recharged, people whose minds can soar. Time off helps us achieve that. – Dawn Jones, company spokeswoman, Intel Corporation
It costs us basically four weeks salary per person, which is far less than paying a recruiter and retraining someone.
It’s one of the greatest retention tools we have. – Cathy Dunkin, President & CEO of Standing Partnership
We perceive taking a break as a contribution to this organization, because we believe that people who are energized, recharged and feeling great about the company will be better performers. – Sandra Ohlsson, VP of HR, General Mills

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