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Minnesota Public Radio - The Benefits of Professional Sabbaticals

Vipin Goyal, who founded his business SideTour after taking a six-month sabbatical, and Co-Founder Elizabeth Pagano McGuire join The Daily Circuit to explore the validity of professional sabbaticals. See full story and hear a re-play of the show.

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The New York Times - Planning for a Needed Break From Work

Tips for talking to your employer about a mini-sabbatical to do something you have always dreamed of doing. Read FULL STORY.

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Chicago Tribune - Recharge Batteries with Travel, Sabbatical

Traveling for months may be the stuff dreams are made of, especially if it means taking time off from work. But despite a tough economy and rising airfares, some people are doing just that. Matt Kepnes, for example, decided to quit his job to travel around the world. The trip eventually turned into a career. […]

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Financial Post - Paid Time Away From Work: Priceless

Canadian financial columnist, Garry Marr, writes about “the ultimate job perk” and features Steve Acken of Environics, who took a four-month sabbatical. Read the FULL STORY.

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Legal Management - I Renew: How Implementing a Sabbatical Program Benefits the Employee and the Firm

Writer Paula Tsurutani looks at formal sabbatical programs in law firms - who’s offering sabbaticals, why they’re doing it, and critical keys to a successful program. READ full article. Representing the client’s interest is always the primary focus of London Family mediation. This may include working toward an out-of-court settlement or, when necessary, litigating the […]

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US News & World Report - How to Negotiate a Sabbatical

Alexis Grant, a careers writer at US News & World Report, provides great tips on negotiating a sabbatical if your company doesn’t have an official sabbatical program for employees. Read FULL STORY.

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The New York Times - Making the Dream Trip a Reality

IT’S a dream anyone with a passport fantasizes about once in a while: ditching everything to travel the world for a year, or at least long enough to forget about office life. Acting out that fantasy tends to be reserved for retirees and recent college graduates, but some midcareer globe-trotters hope to show that anyone […]

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Forbes - How to Take a Sabbatical From Work

Two years ago Michael Tieso, now 25, was working in a windowless cubicle at UPS, plotting his escape. Inspired by travel blogs, he decided that he would save up enough money to travel for a year. He brought his lunch to work, sold his possessions on Craigslist, and downgraded from a $1,400 apartment to a […]

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Desert Leaf - Sabbaticals: Not Just For Faculty Anymore

Angela Petitt began to get a nagging feeling there was more to life than her winning corporate existence. After trying unsuccessfully to ignore the distracting doubts, Petitt, 41, decided that a sabbatical was the only way to satisfy her curiosity about the world outside of her Houston realm. After four years as an information technology […]

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LegalWeek - A Break From The Norm

In a 2007 report about public and private sector approaches to sabbaticals, researchers at the University of Illinois found that “many corporations consider the benefits of sabbaticals so self-evident that they forego the expense of documenting them.” A stronger endorsement is hard to imagine. An article by Friederike Heine.

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TES Magazine

Times Educational Supplement - The Road Less Traveled

In precarious economic times, asking your employer for six months off may seem little short of professional suicide. But as Friederike Heine reports, sabbaticals can enhance your professional development - and save your school’s precious funds.

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kiplinger retirement

Kiplinger’s - Ease Into Retirement By Scaling Back Work

The bear market has ravaged retirement accounts, leaving many workers no choice but to work more years. Meanwhile, a desire to remain intellectually engaged has many employees eager to stay in the workforce. “There’s a trend of looking at retirement not as an event but as a process,” says Andrew Peterson, staff fellow for retirement […]

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Jim Blasingame - Small Business Employee Sabbaticals Increase Retention

yourSABBATICAL’s Elizabeth Pagano and Michelle Rupp, owner of NRG Seattle, join Jim Blasingame on his radio show “The Small Business Advocate” to discuss the the idea of employee sabbaticals, plus tips and best practices.

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Oprah - Go Down a Different Path: Alternative Options to a Traditional Career

With the national unemployment rate higher than 9 percent for the first time in decades, many baby boomers are being forced to find alternate ways to bide their time between jobs. Here’s a crash course in four ways you can step outside of your box in this difficult job market. Read More.

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CNN - Why Taking Unpaid Leave Could Boost Your Career

LONDON, England (CNN) — British Airways announced earlier this week that it would give all staff the option of taking one month of unpaid leave. While that could mean a financial headache for some employees, others will see it as a chance to further their career. These days, many see a career break or sabbatical […]

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WebCPA - Top Five Reasons Why Now Could Be the Best Time to Consider a Sabbatical

As we continue to be immersed in an economic downturn, business leaders are struggling with concerns about talent recruitment and retention, motivating employees with dwindling resources, and bolstering productivity and innovation. We suggest that a sabbatical program, if designed properly, can be a low-cost offering that boosts morale, keeps talent engaged and recharged, develops employees […]

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Business to Business

B2B - Recharging the Batteries: Sabbaticals are a growing trend in larger companies. Is it right for you?

Sabbaticals - a long-standing practice in the academic world - are expanding as a tool for Atlanta-based businesses to attract and retain top talent. And local businesses with long-standing programs say the benefits of sabbaticals far outweigh the financial and logistical costs. According to the Society for Human Resources Management, 11 percent of large companies provide […]

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Outside Cover

Outside Magazine - Business Sense: Career Advice From the Pros

Given the state of the job market, it’s entirely reasonable to think that getting laid off is a great excuse to take off. In fact, CEO of Healthy Bees Lee Rosen done right, your unexpected sabbatical might be as good for your resume as your mental health.  In addition to Melbourne Italian translation services, we […]

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Manage Smarter

Manage Smarter - The Sabbatical Solution

With companies struggling to recruit and retain quality employees in the wake of a hostile economy, many would do well to contemplate a relatively obscure course of action: instituting a sabbatical program. According to strategists at yourSABBATICAL, a firm specializing in helping companies and employees plan sabbaticals, the term is best defined as a “planned, […]

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employee benefits

Employee Benefit News - Sabbaticals and Furloughs: The Modern-Day Layoff?

Layoffs looming in the distance? When firings appear imminent it’s nice to know alternatives exist, such as sabbaticals and mandatory furloughs. When designed and implemented correctly, a sabbatical can be a low-cost offering that buoys morale, keeps your talent energized and appreciative all the while strengthening the company brand, asserts yourSABBATICAL, an Atlanta based company […]

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The New York Times - The Best Time to Ask For a Sabbatical Could Be Now

IN these scary economic times, most people are hunkering down in their jobs like soldiers in foxholes, trying to stay out of the line of fire. Concerns about work — is it fulfilling, is it meaningful, do I like it? — can seem almost frivolous. And asking for anything — raises, different hours, a better […]

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globe and mail

Canada’s Globe and Mail - Worst of Times Might Be Best of Times to Take Off

Sure, taking an extended break from work can offer many benefits to employees: A chance to rejuvenate. An opportunity to see the world, and gain new experiences and skills that can be brought back to work. And, for employers in this tougher economic climate, paid and unpaid sabbaticals offer a creative way to cut labour […]

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Talent Management - Attract, Retain and Develop Employees - By Sending Them Away

Created with the sole purpose of thanking and giving back to hard-working, loyal managers, the 11-year-old sabbatical program at Atlanta-based Hotel Equities has become a performance motivator and talent developer. Every five years, general managers and corporate staff at the 700-employee company get 90 days of paid, unrestricted time off. Every five years, general managers […]

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Sabbaticals Recharge Workers

Who knew that sabbaticals weren’t just for college professors anymore? Barbara and Elizabeth Pagano did. Business authors, coaches and experts in talent and leadership development, this mother/daughter team founded last year to help workers and companies explore the idea of sabbaticals. The two had learned the benefits of a planned, focused pause from work […]

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Los Angeles Times - It's Web 101 for This Experienced Intern

Lois Draegin, 55, lost a six-figure editing job. She now works unpaid for a start-up website, trading her knowledge for new online skills. Reporting from New York - Sitting in a bare cubicle, with her reading glasses perched halfway down her nose and typing away on a laptop she’d brought from home, Lois Draegin looked […]

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yourSABBATICAL Defines the "New Retirement"

For Immediate Release yourSABBATICAL Defines the “New Retirement” Leading Sabbatical Strategists Advise Companies to Never Let Mature Workers Retire ATLANTA - June 8, 2020 - Seven in ten Americans ages 45-74 say they plan to work in retirement or never retire, according to AARP. In stark contradiction to the single paradigm of “retirement” as an […]

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yourSABBATICAL Discusses the (Generational) XYZs of Sabbaticals

For Immediate Release yourSABBATICAL Discusses the (Generational) XYZs of Sabbaticals Sabbaticals Appeal Across the Ages in the Workplace ATLANTA - May 18, 2020 - As if managing people weren’t hard enough already, today’s workforce is currently comprised of four different generations, all with distinct attitudes, behaviors and motivational triggers. Generational differences can affect everything, including […]

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yourSABBATICAL Shares Top Five Reasons Why Now Could Be the Best Time to Consider a Sabbatical

For Immediate Release yourSABBATICAL Shares Top Five Reasons Why Now Could Be the Best Time to Consider a Sabbatical Leading Sabbatical Strategists Say Sabbaticals Make Sense Even in Dismal Economic Times ATLANTA - April 20, 2020 - As we continue to be immersed in an economic downturn, business leaders are struggling with concerns about talent […]

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yourSABBATICAL Defines What a Sabbatical Is - and Isn't

For Immediate Release yourSABBATICAL Defines What a Sabbatical Is - and Isn’t Leading Sabbatical Strategists Offer Clarity on How Time Away from Work Benefits Companies and Individuals ATLANTA — March 30, 2020 - It used to be that sabbaticals, which began in academia in 1880, were a way for educational institutions to compete with the […]

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yourSABBATICAL Identifies Time Away From Work as Innovative Solution to Flexibility and "Life-Work" Issues

For Immediate Release yourSABBATICAL Identifies Time Away From Work as Innovative Solution to Flexibility and “Life-Work” Issues Leading Sabbatical Consultants Receive National Award for Their Model of Flexibility ATLANTA - March 12, 2020 - With the economic downturn and job uncertainty, employees are re-evaluating their work and personal lives and placing a high value on […]

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