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Studies confirm that the best managers and leaders have rich personal lives. Is your company realizing the power of time away from the job?

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Talk About Sabbaticals

The best sabbaticals – and the best sabbatical programs – take careful planning. The following blogs and forums give you the opportunity to share the wisdom you’ve gained from your sabbatical experiences and pick up a few tips from others as well. So don’t be shy. Share a story. Upload a photo. Join a conversation or start a new stream right now.

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The Sabbatical Mindset

A sabbatical mindset is the condition of consciously disconnecting in the midst of a busy life, so that observation and distance create original, relevant, and meaningful ideas and perspectives. Even without an actual sabbatical, one can cultivate and benefit from a sabbatical mindset.

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Get news and read guest posts, sabbatical stories, and more.

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Companies that offer sabbaticals, those that are planning to, and those that don’t offer sabbaticals (but maybe should).

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Applying, Negotiating & Securing

Go from wishing on a sabbatical to finding out how to make yours happen.

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What to do on sabbatical, how to make it happen, and what to know before you go. Discussions range from covering your work while you’re away to finding the best resources for travel/accommodations and volunteer opportunities.

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Career & Personal Benefits Of

Do careers step up after sabbaticals? How do lives and people change? Let’s talk about it here.

The Sabbatical Mindset

“Living the dream” and the psychology of sabbaticals: How to reap the benefits of truly disconnecting (even when you’re still three years away from your sabbatical); why taking a break can be both exhilarating and scary at the same time; etc.

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