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If you’re trying to energize and engage your workforce and boost productivity, then know this: TIME is the new currency. Got a strategy? We can help.

A senior executive returns from overseas with a clarified vision for his company. A middle manager returns from a volunteer effort with a new way to organize her team. An engineer returns with the solution to a complex design problem. Around the world, sabbaticals – strategic job pauses – are giving business leaders a powerful tool for retaining human capital and advancing their organizations.

RSS The Sabbatical Mindset

  • Find Your Paradise Before You Retire: The SEAbbatical October 17, 2020
    From the cockpit of Das Boot, our 43′ sailboat, I watch a sailboat’s navigation lights flicker on followed by the engine’s purr and the drone of the chain as two cruisers haul in their anchor. It’s almost dark. There are few safe anchorages for a hundred miles. Where are they going? Were they off on […]

Negotiate Your Sabbatical or Career Break

Our latest toolkit enables even the mildest mannered employee to assemble an intelligent and convincing proposal. It's loaded with solid strategies, sage advice, and an arsenal of resources that give you the tools and confidence you need to convince higher ups that giving you a sabbatical is a great idea.


Workplaces for Sabbaticals

Career-minded individuals use this one-of-a-kind list to choose positions with today’s savviest employers. Business leaders can keep tabs on their most forward-thinking competitors. Come take a look at these bold, new workplaces!

Benefits to Companies

Retain valued employees, attract top talent, increase productivity and succession bench strength, and accelerate high potentials - all at a relatively low cost, if your sabbatical program is designed properly.

Coaching for Individuals

Considering a sabbatical, or already planning one? We can help. Check out our services and tools that will leverage the power of time off.

Services for Employers

If you’re considering implementing a sabbatical program, or revitalizing an existing program, we're your best partner. We offer customized materials, design options, advisory services, benchmarking data on best practices, and much more.

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