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Senior Executive Audit

A Diagnostic Tool to Uncover Executive Level Perceptions in the Sabbatical Change Initiative

This easy-to-implement electronic survey gives you the insight you need to sidestep barriers to your sabbatical program and get enthusiastic buy-in from your organization’s senior leaders.

By Barbara Pagano and Elizabeth Pagano.

16 pages.

Why try to guess what your company’s executive decision makers are thinking when you can get them to tell you themselves – in 15 minutes or less! The yourSABBATICAL Senior Executive Audit is easy to implement and provides the critical insights you’ll need to deploy a successful sabbatical program with enthusiastic commitment from the entire C-suite.

Currently the only assessment of its kind, the yourSABBATICAL Senior Executive Audit is a confidential, electronic survey that takes 10-15 minutes to complete and provides an on-the-spot snapshot of critical insights from your executive ranks.

Sample questions include:

  • How do you rate your current level of understanding of career sabbaticals?
  • What are your greatest concerns about a sabbatical program for the company?
  • What two things are most important in helping you determine support?
  • What is your current level of enthusiasm for this initiative?
  • Would you consider taking a sabbatical yourself?

Once entered into the system, your company’s survey responses are compiled and analyzed by yourSABBATICAL professionals and then returned to you in a succinct written report. This report provides the customized insights you need to guide action items for your sabbatical initiative, streamline your implementation process, and side-step possible barriers to success. By uncovering the “norms” and possible trouble spots in advance, the survey results help you generate creative ways to improve your program design and leverage executive support.

For example, many companies find their executives have varying levels of understanding of the sabbatical concept. Some savvy professionals understand modern sabbaticals completely. Some think they do but perhaps need a refresher course on the today’s sabbatical programs. Others put up seemingly insurmountable walls when the subject arises. This survey will enable you to gauge which executives really “get it” and which ones need further information. It will also help you break down the walls that keep naysayers from seeing the benefits of implementing a sabbatical program.

The survey also reveals key insights into your company’s culture and identifies strengths you can leverage – and challenges you’ll need to overcome – in order to build a successful sabbatical program. Data gathered from the survey can guide companywide strategic planning efforts to close the knowledge gaps, promote new ways of thinking, generate enthusiasm, and identify critical program design elements.

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Customer Review

“Before our sabbatical strategy was approved and implemented, I had a cadre of colleagues who were helping me champion the cause … but I was concerned about any unrealized perceptions that might challenge the initiative. Likewise, I wanted to discover what perceptions might need to be leveraged in the process! This tool was critical to my gaining influence and to rolling out a program that had tremendous support.” — Margaret C., Vice President of HR

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