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If you’re trying to energize and engage your workforce and boost productivity, then know this: TIME is the new currency. Got a strategy? We can help.

Leveraging Your Sabbatical or Career Break

Expert Advice on Incorporating a Sabbatical or Career Break in Your Resume or Professional Bio

There’s power in time off. If you think time away from work is something you should “hide” on your resume, think again. It can be a compelling addition to your personal brand and unique offerings. A sabbatical experience can give you the edge you need to beat out other candidates for a new position or project. This guide includes savvy advice and written examples that help you expertly position your work leave in a resume, biography, cover letter, and social media tools.

By Barbara Pagano and Elizabeth Pagano.

5 pages.

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Price: Only $4.95

Customer Review

“After I was laid off from a major supplier to the paper industry, I decided to use the time to create a sabbatical, instead of just jumping straight to a job search. I chose to do some volunteer work as well as a language immersion. While I knew like these experiences made me a better candidate when I decided to return to the job market, I wasn’t quite sure how to make that apparent on my resume. This product helped me tremendously. Thanks, yourSABBATICAL!” — Irv F.

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