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If you’re trying to energize and engage your workforce and boost productivity, then know this: TIME is the new currency. Got a strategy? We can help.

Comprehensive Sabbatical Program Toolkit

A How-To Guide for Implementing Your Company’s Sabbatical Strategy

This toolkit gives you the resources you need to roll out a sabbatical program for your company that attracts, retains and accelerates top talent. Includes a FREE hour-long phone strategy session with yourSABBATICAL’s co-founders, Barbara Pagano and Elizabeth Pagano! This call will be scheduled within one month after purchase of the toolkit and can include up to three leaders from your company.

By Barbara Pagano, Elizabeth Pagano and Gloria Southerland.

103 pages.

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Customer Review

Linda Paul of Meetup

“I wouldn’t have been able to create our program and policy without this toolkit and phone strategy session! The toolkit was easy to read and very thorough. I went through it with highlighters and sticky notes and flagged all the items that would be relevant to our company. I then crafted a policy using the policy examples that were included, thinking about what’s important to Meetup and our culture. The phone session with yourSABBATICAL founders, Barbara and Elizabeth, was invaluable – they really helped me to think through key aspects and to find ways to make the program much more powerful by connecting it to our corporate values. As the head of HR for a small company, I do not have the kinds of resources that an HR specialist in a larger company might have, plus I had never put together a sabbatical program before – this toolkit and phone strategy session were critical!”

- Linda Paul, Director of Team Development, Meetup

Written for a company’s top leadership or “Sabbatical Champion,” this complete toolkit gives you the resources you need to roll out a sustainable sabbatical program for your employees that is good for the individual leader and good for the bottom line. The latest research, exercises to help you formulate your ideas, and tools to help structure your sabbatical program are all in this toolkit. Packed with practical information, sample policies, and work coverage design ideas, you’ll have everything you need to confidently create, integrate and implement a sabbatical program!

Organized into five resource-rich chapters, this groundbreaking product is unique to the market and includes the significant offering of a FREE hour-long phone strategy session with yourSABBATICAL’s co-founders, Barbara Pagano and Elizabeth Pagano – a valuable 60 minutes designed to ensure your success.

Thoughtfully developed as a practical “step-by-step” process and planning tool for small- and medium-sized companies, the Comprehensive Sabbatical Program Toolkit includes:

Chapter 1: Designing the Sabbatical Program

What’s the best design for my company? Who should be eligible and how long should the sabbatical be? Who covers the work? Includes four critical components of sabbatical program success, three sample policies, and a comprehensive checklist for sabbatical program components, as well as tips for rolling out the program.

Chapter 2: Creating Top Leadership Support

Designed to help the “sabbatical champion” establish the business case for a sabbatical program specific to your company’s goals, this chapter helps you create buy-in from other company leaders and educate others about the value of a sabbatical program in the context of today’s challenging work environment. Includes a step-by-step process for creating your talking points to build enthusiasm and real-world stories.

Chapter 3: The Sabbatical-Goer’s Plan – A Usage Guide for Leaders

Companies use sabbatical plans to ensure structure and successful outcomes for the sabbatical-goer as well as the company. This resource is particularly valuable for integrating a sabbatical with leadership and talent development initiatives. Supported by its own resource section for the individual sabbatical-goer, this chapter contains sabbatical planning tools including the sabbatical plan template, three sample sabbatical plans, and suggested dialogue opportunities within the company.

Chapter 4: Work Coverage Guide

This section guides a company in structuring its work coverage process in order to create a robust talent exchange that increases agility and uncovers new ways of working. A resource section for the individual sabbatical-goer supports this chapter and contains six power tools for structuring work coverage, including work audit tools, selection criteria for work coverage partners, plus suggested scripts, sample agendas for pre-sabbatical meetings, a comprehensive work coverage checklist, and a re-entry plan template.

Chapter 5: Ensuring Ongoing Success and Assessing Impact

What’s working in your sabbatical program? Are your objectives being met? This resource-packed chapter includes evaluation and impact surveys to measure the success of your company’s sabbatical program. Five sample surveys are included, as well as tips for using the data, and three more ways to see impact from your program.

Whether your company wishes to have a “best in class” sabbatical program or simply wants to ensure a program is based on solid design principles, operates efficiently and results in business impacts, this extraordinary guide is your first step and a “must have” for creating a successful sabbatical strategy. Combined with the free strategy session with yourSABBATICAL’s co-founders, Barbara Pagano and Elizabeth Pagano, your investment is sure to result in a powerful yet practical sabbatical design for your company!

Price: $1495 - includes the FREE phone strategy session with yS founders!

Customer Review

“This toolkit gave me what I needed to roll out our program. In fact, I couldn’t have done it without it. The yourSABBATICAL team are THE experts on sabbaticals. And the strategy phone session was amazingly helpful. Thank you!” — Jane T., Vice President of HR

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